Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marshmallow Pops

I made these for Valentines day and they were super easy, a little messy and really delicious! One of the people I gave them to said they were as good as the ones they sell at Rocky Mountain Chocolates. High praise and I'm sure mine aren't as pretty as theirs. To make 80 I used two bags of the Wilton Chocolate Melts, a bag and a half of jumbo size marshmallows and a variety of sprinkles that I had left over from this years Christmas cookie baking. I also bought the lollipop sticks at Michael's.
The first step is inserting a lollipop stick in each of the marshmallows and setting them on a tray where they are close at hand. You also want to have something set up to stick the sticks in after dipping. Styrofoam works fine. Then, in a microwave safe bowl, melt one pkg of the chocolate for about one minute. Stir the chocolate and melt for about another 15 seconds.
Immediately start dipping the pops. After dipping, sprinkle with whatever kind of sprinkles you have and stick in the Styrofoam to harden. I even garnished some with red hots. They take about 15 minutes to harden completely and then you can stick them in plastic gift bags.
I had so much fun doing this I will definitely do it again.


Lindy Leigh Shugart said...

I see you figured it out! Thanks!!! Looks great!

Nana Laurie said...

Yeah, if I just paid more attention to my email I wouldn't have to ask silly questions. But really, try these with your girls. They were a blast and I got so many compliments on them.